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Ask the Doctor

Q: I’m concerned about using harsh chemicals because of their impact on the environment and on my children and pets. What can I do?

J. Spears: Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your drains, use Bio-clean, which is a special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that will break down any dead organic waste found in your plumbing system: grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper and cotton. I’m all about green, environmentally-friendly plumbing practices, so this is definitely an option we can discuss for your plumbing needs.

Q: Should we drain our water heater?

J. Spears: Over time, sediment can build up in both gas and electric water heaters.  If left unaddressed, this can impact the efficiency of your water heater and decrease its lifespan.  By draining your water heater about once a year, you can flush this sediment out quickly and easily, ensure that your tank is working at its maximum capability, and extend the life of your water heater.

Q: How can we clean our garbage disposal?

J. Spears: Cleaning your garbage disposal on a regular basis is a quick and easy way to reduce odors and keep your sink drain working properly.  However over time, you may notice a buildup of sludge and debris.  To clean your garbage disposal, first be sure to completely shut it down by turning off the fuse that regulates power to the unit. Then, using tongs or pliers,  you may be able to remove any non-disposable items stuck inside your garbage disposal. After any non-disposable items are removed, put two cups of ice and a cup of rock salt in your drain.  Run cold water and turn on the garbage disposal for a few seconds.   This will help clear sludge and debris off the blade of your garbage disposal and reduce any lingering odors.

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